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CBA Staff

Welcome Referees and Scorekeepers!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a referee or scorekeeper for the 2017/2018 CBA season!

Now that you have registered and completed your profile for the new CBA website and have been connected to this private section (only available to our CBA Staff or referees and scorekeepers), we need you to complete the following forms and return them to:

Nate Mallmann (click on name to send email)

Step 1 - Employment Registration Forms (Refs & Scorekeepers)

Starting with the Employment Instructions (below), please complete the following forms and return to Nate Mallmann (above) by September 30, 2017. 

NOTE: If you are a returning referee or scorekeeper, you do not need to complete the application and only need to complete a new W-9 if your information has changed. 

If you are a returning referee or scorekeeper with no changes to your W-9, please email Nate Mallmann to let him know you are interested in returning this season.

Step 2 - CBA Review and Confirmation

The CBA will review all registrations and confirm employment by October 15, 2017.

Once confirmed, the CBA will need all confirmed referees and scorekeepers to complete the necessary permits by October 31, 2017 unless already completed in Step 1 (above).

Nate Mallmann

CBA Treasurer

Bob Bragg

Director of Referees - Grades K-6

Mark Stephan

Director of Referees - Grades 7-12

Referee Materials

Here are a number of useful materials for our referees to review in preparation for the season:


Pay Sheets & Rates

Here are additional referee & scorekeeper materials such as our 2017/2018 pay rates and pay sheets that you will have to use during the season and submit to the respective director in order to get paid: